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Gmail is a popular email service that is used worldwide. There are also all kinds of applications and plug-ins that will enhance your Gmail experience. If you are willing to spice things up a bit regarding on how you manage your Gmail, don’t stop here. Scroll down to find out more:

  1. FullContact reveals all the details about the sender

If you opt for the FullContact extension, you will be able to see the sender’s details (job titles for instance or even look for its Facebook and other social accounts). The latter extension also supports Google Calendar.

  1. Sortd can convert your Gmail into organized lists

Sortd is basically a skin that can be used to convert your Gmail inbox into lists. This add-on will allow you to give the list names and you can organize them however you wish. With Sortd you will simply have to drag and drop.

  1. Unsubscriber will keep uninteresting newsletters and spam away from your inbox

This is an iPhone app and you can use it to unsubscribe to any uninteresting newsletters. All you have to do is use a swiping left gesture to unsubscribe or a swiping right gesture to do the opposite. Head on to the App Store to get it.

  1. Snapmail delivers self-destructing emails

This Chrome add-on will implement a new knob that will help you send a self-destructing message. This particular button will encipher your message and the receiver will only get the link. When the link is clicked on, the Snapmail extension will let him know that the message will self-destruct (time limit: 1 minute). Attention: the encryption can only be performed on texts and not audiovisual content.

  1. GIFs can be added to your email with the help of Giphy

Giphy has the power to add GIFs right into your Gmail. As soon as you will set up this extension, you should notice a Giphy symbol that will appear next to the formatting elements/icons. The latter Giphy icon will allow you to have fun with GIFs and add them in your email. Say farewell to those tedious emails.

  1. WiseStamp can help you personalize your signature

This is another extension that belongs to Chrome and it can be pretty useful, especially for corporations and businessmen. Choose to make your signature one of a kind by adding a unique shade, size, image and you can even include your social media accounts.