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Curved Display

The S6 Edge is not much different from the S6 but comes with bent edges. It is slimmer and lighter than the S6 and comes with the Edge display feature, which first debuted in the Note Edge. These are in the form of a curved screen that wraps around the sides of the phone. It offers enhanced display space on the main screen.


The phone is light and can fit the huge screen of 5.1 inches in a small. This offers users a compact phone with a large display. The camera protrudes at the back and has another sensor, preventing the phone from having a flat or thin back. The phone gives a premium feel, with a metal-glass combination. The design is futuristic with a curved screen and offers QHD resolution in a small display, being bent on the sides.

TouchWiz Grows Up

Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz overlay is very much there, but in a more refined manner. There are some cool abilities that utilize the curvy sides of the phone. When you flip the phone to the front, the side glows with a particular color for a specific contact. You don’t have to turn the phone and can view the name of the caller. You can also slide inward from the edge for accessing favorites, missed calls, messages and so on. TouchWiz is flatter and has fewer menus though it continues to remain cartoony.


The camera is also more refined, and the S6 Edge has a 16 MP rear camera, with an aperture sensor of f1.9. It can take good pictures even in low light conditions. The interface has been improved, with fewer images. The front camera is wide but allows decent pictures even in low light conditions.

Battery and Other Specs

The phone is powered by Samsung’s Exynos, Octacore chip and has a RAM of 3 GB. It is quite powerful, and the performance is slick. There is no slot for microSD card, and the battery is not removable. Tomakeup, the phone comes in variations of 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. The bloatware has also been reduced, making an increase in the overall space available to users.

The battery has a 50 mAh increase from its predecessor and is 2600 mAh. However, it is not much as it has plenty of pixels that it needs to power.


The camera is great and the design is innovative. It comes with a fantastic screen and an excellent build quality, combined with a monstrous performance.


However, the curved screen is only for show, and it is rather tricky to hold. The cost is higher than the S6, and it does not offer a slot for SD card.


The S6 Edge is a smartphone with a curved screen. It is more expensive when compared to the regular S6, but if you want a premium or futuristic feel, this is the one. The battery life holds up well, and it is a great combination of good form and high-end specifications.