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Keeping track of every place you have been to in the past week, month or year is something that will draw your attention to Google Maps faster.

The introduction of a new feature on Google Maps, called Your Timeline, keeping track of all your movements and travels in any given period would never be a massive problem.  The new feature provides a proper documentation of all the places you have traveled to and the routes that you took.

Desktop and Android Versions

The new Your Timeline feature on Google Maps is available both on the desktop and Android versions of the app. The new feature has an uncanny resemblance to Google Latitude, which the company opted to retire in August 2013. Google Latitude was great at tracking the user’s whereabouts as well as sharing this information with other users.  However, the two features contain several differences, which include:

  1. Fresh interface on Your Timeline
  2. Clean lines that show the user’s mode and time of movement on any given day

Integration with Google Photos

With the new Your Timeline feature, users can now integrate it with Google Photos. Doing this means that the app will display all the photos that a user took while traveling on any given day. This will make the memories not only fresh but also enhance the entire experience for any user and make it easier to share with or narrate to loved ones and friends. The new feature provides users with the tools to do unofficial documentaries of their lives.

Digital Storage

Details regarding your travels captured in Google Maps through the Your Timeline feature will now remain in digital storage permanently. This means that many years after the travels, you will have access to these records and narrate your experiences to the grandchildren with proper evidence in the form of photos for emphasis. With the new feature, Google has saved you from having to retain all your traveling details in memory, which is not easy if you travel a lot.

User’s Total Control

Perhaps the greatest news regarding this new app is that the user has total control over what he wants to share with others or store digitally for posterity. Therefore, if you find some of the travels a bit private, you can delete them from the storage. Better yet, you can opt out of this new feature by changing your settings appropriately. Ensuring that the Location History on Google is disabled will also help keep such details private and restrict them to your memory only.