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If you are playing GTA 5 on a PS4 or Xbox One console, then we have some good news for you, as the second party of Rockstar’s Freemode Event tips has been released and it helps the players to get better at the Penned In, Checkpoints, Dead Drop, Kill List and Competitive Kill List.

When you will notice a purple notification on your screen, you will need to get ready to accept a random challenge, so make sure that you have all your back-up ammo, snacks and armor, in order to survive.

You can also use your money in order to team up with others, to help you complete the challenges by selecting the Inventory section from the interaction menu and selecting “Cash”. From there, you will be able to choose which player you will want to share money with and select the percentage offer.

Challenges Tips

Penned In

A few seconds in plus for finding the right vehicle could mean that you will entirely miss out competing. The bikes come with greater maneuverability than cars, but the players should be aware that they could be easily knocked off by other bigger vehicles.


Planes are pretty fast in GTA 5, but choppers can reach Checkpoints in smaller places that planes will struggle with. Here, you will need to collect all the checkpoints and you will get 5000 dollars and 1000 RP in GTA.

Dead Drop

We suggest you to team up with another member if you want to have a better chance on completing this challenge.

Kill List and Competitive Kill List

In this challenge, you will need to use industrial vehicles and a maximum amount of players for each vehicle in order to deal the most damage. You will also want to look for Merryweather mercenaries that are armed with RPGs, as they can cover you up.

King of the Castle

In this challenge, you will want to use proximity mines, as they are awesome for defending the Castle. At the same time, use Merryweather to your advantage by paying a small fee and make sure that you call a Backup Helicopter or Mercenaries to dethrone the current King.

Hot Property

Once you get the briefcase, make sure that you get a fast car. Keep in mind that the briefcase can be picked up from inside the vehicle, allowing you to avoid getting out of the car and being more vulnerable to enemy fire.