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Adobe recently announced improvements to the security protections available on its Flash Player.

The improvements were for ensuring that security flaws, which many users had complained about, would make it harder for cybercriminals to exploit.  The improvements seem not to have worked as Adobe originally wanted when cybercriminals were able to bypass and evade the additional security measures.

The improvements were crucial considering the ability of Adobe Flash Player to drain all power from laptop batteries in no time at all. The new compromises have inspired a flurry of recommendations by security experts and users asking Adobe to kill Flash if cybercriminals can target it for attacks despite the latest security additions. According to a representative from Mozilla Firefox, malware is heavily dependent on Adobe Flash Player.

The alacrity and ease with which cybercriminals can bypass all security updates on Adobe Flash Player and do whatever they deem fit is shocking. It could soon mean a loss of trust from Flash Player’s regular users. Moreover, the continued targeting by cybercriminals will soon lead to a loss of credibility, which would be bad for one of Adobe’s flagship products. The continuous attacks probably mean that something is fundamentally wrong with the Flash Player.

Does Adobe Flash Player have enough security features? If it has, are the security features effective and powerful enough to make Adobe Flash Player an impossible target for hackers and other types of cybercriminals? For most people, the way out of this dilemma is to update their version of Flash Player each time the company upgrades it. At least, the new versions would remove some of the vulnerabilities and make Flash Player safe to use once again.

Adobe Flash Player still has a lifetime of usage considering its popularity across a wide variety of websites. A complete uninstalling of the Flash Player from all your browsers would only mean that you cannot watch all videos on most websites. This would not enhance your browsing experience in any way. The fact that the vulnerabilities of Adobe Flash Player are not limited to a specific browser or Operating System but all is a major cause of concern.

For that reason, it is advisable that you use Adobe Flash Player cautiously.  Adobe has tried to introduce new patches to fix the previous vulnerabilities, but from what cybercriminals have shown, the company needs to do more. It also appears that hackers will continue targeting Adobe Flash Player as long as people around the world keep using it. Protect your machine by updating from the older to a new, security-enhanced update of the Flash Player.