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Samsung released the J Series with the launch of J5 and J7 this year.

Both the phones are mid range ones and offered at reasonably low prices, combined with excellent specs and features. They are affordable for gamers and can offer a smooth experience if you use 4G LTE for connectivity. The major difference between the J5 and the J7 are that the J7 has a bigger display and an improved battery life.

Dimensions and Specs

Both the phones run on Android 5.1.1 though there are a few differences. The J5 has a Super AMOLED, HD display of 5 inches and is powered by a 1.2 GHz, quad-core Snapdragon processor. It comes with 1.5 GB RAM and has 8 GB of storage that is built in. There is a 13 MP autofocus camera for the rear and a 5 MP camera for the front. A battery of 2600 mAh powers it. In case of the J7, it has a slightly bigger screen of 5.5 inches and comes with 16 GB inbuilt storage. It is powered by 1.5 GHz, octacore, Exynos and has a better battery of 3000 mAh. The storage is expandable to 128 GB, in case of both the phones by using a microSD card.

Appearance and Design

Both the phones look similar and have anodized bodies with cheap looking bezels and the same overall design. The J5 is more compact and offers a better grip though both the versions look good.

Both the screens are saturated and bright and though the processors used are different, the result is almost the same though the J7 has a bit of an edge.

Snappy UI

There have been some minor changes made to the interface of both the phones. These are changes that come with Android 5.1.1, the Lollipop version, with both phones running on the same operating system. They make use of the TouchWiz user interface, which is not pure Android, and is a little more cluttered. However, the UI is snappy and quick.


As far as storage is concerned, the J5 comes with 4.6 GB free from 8 GB, whereas the J7 has 11.5 GB free from 16 GB. Storage is also expandable up to 128 GB with the use of MicroSD cards.

Camera Comparison

Both the phones have equally impressive cameras with a 13 MP rear camera. The app opens within seconds, and the menus or options are not cluttered and easily accessed. The J5 comes with seven modes, whereas the J7 has one more mode, the HDR mode.

As for the front camera, both the phones include the Wide Selfie shot, with front facing flash in both. However, the manual mode and the Continuous mode don’t perform too well and don’t offer many options. Overall, the camera seems to be one of the best features of the J series.

Bottom Line

Both the phones might present good competition in the particular price category, especially due to the camera quality. The J5 is fast and has the latest Android version with expandable storage and support for 4G, with a decent battery. The J7 offers a bigger display, excellent processor and an enhanced battery at a slightly higher price.