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The Lumia 930 comes on the heels of its predecessor, the Lumia 925. With its new software, the phone is all set to take on some of the biggest competitors, such as HTC, Samsung and Sony Xperia, to name a few.


It is a single aluminum piece, but it does not offer a premium look though it is attractive and robust. It can surely take some knocks without getting smashed. The dimensions are 137 x 71 x 9.8 mm and fits comfortably in the hand in a blocky design. The back cover is irremovable, so the battery cannot be swapped. Also, there is no support for microSD card to expand storage. Users have to rely on the internal storage of 32 GB, supported by 7 GB cloud space from Microsoft OneDrive. This is sufficient for the normal user. It also offers support for nanoSIM with easy access. The screen comes with an OLED display of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Windows Phone, 8.1

There is one more column in the live tiles of the homescreen, as the phone has the Windows Phone 8.1 on it. The Action Center is a notification bar, a new addition to the phone. It enables users to view latest notifications from a single point and also allows access to quick settings that can be customized, found at the screen top. This is quite the same as the feature found in iOS and Android phones.

Hardware and Performance

The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 Processor, 2.2 GHz, quad-core, which is decent enough, though a little backward, as flagship phones from competitors, feature the new 801 chip. However, this is not a major problem, as the phone is not as power hungry as other devices. The RAM is of 2 GB, and it is quick and smooth enough. Scrolling through the tiles and apps are easy enough, and the applications open promptly.

The phone has 4G enabled, and the default browser is Internet Explorer from Microsoft. Hence, it is possible to sync favorites from the PC to your phone. The phone is well integrated with the computer, but not of much use if you are using an iPad or the Mac.


The phone comes with a 20 MP resolution rear camera and has dual LED, Flash with Optical Image Stabilization features and a Carl Zeiss brand lens. The UI is simple to those requiring point and shoot features though there are professional features as well. For instance, you can access the ISO and other features for fine-tuning pictures. The front camera is of 2 MP and is good for selfies and Skype calls.


The Lumia 930 is the first phone in the high-end sector arriving with the WP 8.1 though the feature is present in the budget phones 630 and 635 Lumia. The phone is being sold for a price of around $599, which is quite reasonable for a flagship phone. If you are on a budget and are looking for a high-end phone, this could be it.

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