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Minecraft is one of those games that you will want to play with your friends and family. The game comes with crappy graphics but there a lot of adults and kids that are playing it daily, we suggest you to try playing this awesome game with your kid and we assure you that you will enjoy it.

Minecraft Update 1.9 is coming with some big changes, such as the new content that we’ve already spotted in early snapshots, but also other changes that we’ve spotted in the Minecraft snapshot 15w41a.

For years, the Minecraft snapshots have allowed the players to see what new content is about to come in this awesome game. With other words, before a content/feature is added to the public version of Minecraft, it is firstly tested on snapshots and once all the bugs and issues are fixed, it is being released for public.

Jens Bergensten, a developer of this game, revealed in a few tweets one of the features that will come in the Update 1.9, the new feature will surely have a huge impact on the custom servers and game modes as you will be able to fly from now on! This feature will be also available to Survival mode in Minecraft.

It seems that in order to fly, you will need to use some special capes that will be introduced once the Minecraft: Update 1.9 is released. It’s not clear yet if you will be able to craft the new capes, but hopefully, we will find that soon enough, it’s not sure if these capes will drop from mobs or you will just find them in the Minecraft world, but we’re sure that Mojang will come with some news soon enough. What are your thoughts about the flying feature that will be released in Minecraft?