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Owning a device that you can feel good about and use for all the things you need to be done is always a delight.

This is why most people try to search as many options before they make a specific purchase. If you naturally love Motorola phones and devices, then you will always be following the new devices it introduces into the system. Well, the Moto G 2015 is already in. So, if you have been considering buying it, then read on to find out what it has to offer you as a whole. There are many different 3rd generation phones from other brands, and Motorola stands out in making them as well.

Display Features to Note

Where the display features are concerned, there is nothing new or surprising to see. The display can be found under the 5-inch mark with a panel offering 1280 mm x 720 mm at 294 pixels per inch. Also, it features a unique display that is safeguarded by the 3rd generation Gorilla Glass. Although it doesn’t meet the level of advancement of most mobile devices where display technology is concerned, it has some amazing angles for viewing, perfect brightness and the superb color imitation. It clearly gives the Nexus 5 a good run for the money and is evidently better compared to the Moto E.

The accuracy of its touch screen, however, has shown to be a problem, although it is not bad it is not as accurate as those of other mobile devices. There are some people who have not experienced these problems, and this is mostly because of user needs. Some people need their devices almost all the time, doing many different things all at once. Others, however, do not do the same. So, there are variations all the same.

Unique Features of the Device to Note

This device comes designed with a SIM card as well as a dual-functioning chip. These make it easy for mobile data in 3G and 4G to be benefited from. The chip can also operate in 2G automatically which gets rid of users need to have manually it changed. Additionally, the application that manages the SIM chip can recommend the very best carrier at specific points in time.

It is true that the 2015 Motorola G is IPX7 certified to make it safe from water; you cannot stay in water for more than half an hour, and you need to make sure you go only 1 m into the water. Also, unfortunately, the screen of the device will not operate when you are under water. Although the device has been designed to resist water, it is not dust resistant. So, you need to protect it well or else you will be losing your warranty benefits.

Design Features to Note

The G 2015 from Motorola comes in many unique designs that are eye catching. However, the types you get to buy will depend on the store you make purchases from. Also, with the Motorola Moto maker stores, there are many customization benefits attached.

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