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One of the popular questions nowadays is “Can I jailbreak iOS 9 on my iPhone/iPad?” We’re pretty sure that after iOS 9 has been released, many iOS jailbreak fans have been waiting for the hacking teams to finally release a “custom” iOS 9 for their iPhones or iPads, unfortunately for the iOS jailbreak fans, the new jailbreak is not yet available and it is not sure if there will be one.

It seems that Apple has patched iOS 9 pretty well, because both the TaiG and PanGu teams are still struggling to jailbreak the latest version. It’s not sure yet if the PanGu team will release a public 8.4.1 jailbreak but we know that both teams are working hard on jailbreaking the iOS 9.

However, we remind you that a well known developer that goes by the name of iH8Sn0w has showcased on his YouTube channel that he managed to jailbreak the iOS 9, however, the hacker clearly said that he will not release it for the public and instead, he will keep it for himself.

With other words, it seems that the iOS 9 can be “cracked”, but it will most likely take a while until TaiG or PanGu will finally do it. According to the latest rumors, it seems that TaiG and PanGu teams are currently working, separately, on jailbreaking the 9.1 version, it seems that they’ve noticed that Apple has done a good job with the iOS 9, 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 and they are waiting for a mistake to be made in the 9.1 update. Usually, when a major update is being released, there are a lot of glitches and errors left off by mistake and this is what both the hacking teams are waiting for.

When do you think that the TaiG or PanGu teams will release a jailbreak for iOS 9?