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Instagram is home to more than 300 million users.

It has become indispensable to various agencies, brands and newsrooms around the world. Users share more than 70 million videos and photos on Instagram every day. Boasting of such huge numbers, it is little wonder that picking up the latest trends on Instagram has become such a tedious activity for many people. You can learn about the latest trends by looking for:

  • Hashtags
  • Users

Identifying the trends that are more likely to go viral is also a complex process. To learn about the latest trends and excel at identifying images and videos that have a much higher chance of going viral requires specific tools and expertise. With such types of tools, the following would be much easier to do:

  1. Finding the top trending videos and photos for any keyword or tag
  2. Discovering what is trending about any brand or campaign as well as other topics of interest
  3. Finding all the hashtags related to emerging trends
  4. Identifying and engaging with other influencers on Instagram
  5. Sharing the various Instagram posts that are trending on your other social media networks

With the relevant app, you will have no difficulty identifying the latest trends regarding specific videos and photos within the shortest moment. If you lead a busy schedule, using such an app would be a massive time saver. With the right app, you can find the hottest trends with each search that you make. A standard Instagram search can deliver good results. However, the right app would be thrice as effective as the Instagram search.

The right tool helps you to find all the related hashtags, which appear to be trending or are just on the verge of doing so. With such a tool, digital marketers would have a relatively easy time. The app will enable the marketers to stop adding a stream of hashtags they consider popular, but which are irrelevant and ineffective.  The right tool makes it easier for you to identify hashtags that are not only relevant for your brand, but also for use by the targeted audience.

Therefore, you need to check the types of tools that will make it much easier, faster and efficient to search for the latest trends on Instagram. The appropriate app enables you to be more effective in your digital marketing strategies. With this app, you will never spend eons searching Instagram for the latest trends, thus wasting too much time that would be better spent doing something different and possibly more productive.