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We use email services to communicate with our friends or colleagues, to send them important information such as reports or invitations to events. Nowadays, people use mostly messaging applications to gossip or to flirt, while email services are more for business purposes. Gmail is one of the biggest names, and we’ll compare it to Hushmail, which has its own advantages.


The “2 step verification” process was implemented in order to prevent hackers from breaking into accounts, so when signing in, instead of entering only one password, the users will enter the security code text which is sent to their mobile device.

Gmail allows the users to create HTML rich emails, by inserting images, GIFs, texts etc. For starters, the users are given 10GB of free space, but there are five plans with prices which vary from $1.99 to $299.99, as follows: 100GB – $1.99, 1TB – $9.99, 10TB – $99.99, 20TB – $199.99, 30TB – $299.99.

Gmail can’t be integrated with social networking websites, not even Google’s own Google +, so the users can chat with their friends only through Google Talk.

Those who have an old account can import their contacts, or the other email ID, and when it comes to size limits, they are allowed to send images or music files, or videos with a maximum size of 25MB. If the files exceed this size, the users can upload them in Google Drive or Google Doc and send them later.

When deleting messages in Gmail, they are sent to the Trash box, which is automatically deleted after 90 days and they can never be recovered.


Hushmail has a strong encryption and it blocks spam emails or viruses to get through, and there is a strong security measure – a passphrase, which is long and complex. So, if this password is forgotten, the service won’t allow you to reset it, so the users will need to create a new account.

The users are offered 25MB of storage space and they need to sign in at least once every 3 weeks, but for more space, such as 1GB, the price is $34.99 per year, while to get 10GB and IMAP/POP functionality, the users need to pay $49.98 per year. There is also a Business plan with 10GB storage space/employee and a free domain name for the company, but the price is $5.24 per month/user, and the one-time setup fee is $9.99.

The interface is pretty simple, having Inbox and Sent folders just like Gmail, and likewise this service, Hushmail allows using tools which apply colors etc. Also, in the Preferences section, the users are managing their accounts.

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