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There is no doubt that messaging apps have become the most prevalent mobile apps when the global internet audience is put into consideration.

This is a revelation that goes hand in hand with the recent discovery by the Global Web Index as far as global engagement on social networking is concerned.

There is some huge truth in the GWI report considering the fact that Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp, recently made an announcement that the app has over 900 million monthly active users. This is a huge figure that no other messaging app has achieved. In addition, it has been noted that Facebook Messenger is the most downloaded app on the iOS devices, but only in the U.S. On the global front, this Messenger app has close to 800 million users.

The GWI report further revealed that more and more people are spending time on social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most used messaging apps

When one talks of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp being the most used apps in the world today, it is kind of very hard to argue against this statement. When the number of active users on these two platforms is combined, you will find yourself dealing with figures beyond a billion, which, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is when it starts to get interesting.

The GWI report claims that Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp were the most used apps in the past month alone. While the two followed each other consecutively, it was revealed that each of them accounted for about 30% of the total user engagement over the last month.

Other key findings of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

The revelation of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as the most regularly used apps is not the only new thing that came out of the GWI report. It was also discovered that the two applications have the highest number of youth aged between 16-24 years using their services across the globe. Even though Snapchat is still a very popular app, especially in the U.S., it is still nowhere near WhatsApp and Messenger. Nevertheless, the report lists the photo-sharing app as the biggest gainer between Q1 and Q2 of this year with respect to 16-24 year old users.

Snapchat is joined by WeChat and LINE as the apps with the highest number of teenagers. Of the total population of Snapchat, 55% of them are aged between 16 and 24 years old. On the contrary, Skype, Viber and BBM attract the older generation.