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Google’s new OS, Android Marshmallow comes out with the ability to translate texts from one language into another. And this can be performed right within applications such as LinkedIn, TripAdvisor or even WhatsApp.

Google has always been known for offering solid and trustworthy translation elements. Let’s go way back in 2010 and recall when Google offered street signs translations and more. Now, it added 20 new languages into the translation app. But Android 6.0 Marshmallow rolls out this translation feature and takes it to a whole different level by including it into LinkedIn, TripAdvisor and WhatsApp.

In order to benefit from this feature, you need to have the Google Translate application preset on your handset/tablet. So, if you are checking out reviews on TripAdvisor in another language for example, you could mark the text written in the unknown language and you will see the translate pop-up right next to the copy &paste controls. Let’s take another example , this time with WhatsApp. If you are corresponding with a foreigner, this new translation feature will help you write your own message or understand the one you have received. Just write in whichever language you want and Android will transforms it into the other person’s language.

Sadly, this new feature will not be up for grabs for former Android versions , also do not expect it to be found on iPhones or iPads.

According to Google, this feature will work for 90 languages and according to the company’s statistics, 500 million individuals opt for the translation services on a monthly basis.

Companies like Google and Microsoft are trying to extend and improve their translation services. In 2014 Microsoft’s Skype app has also unveiled a preview of its audio translation services allowing users to communicate in real time even if they speak different languages.