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The fear of losing your videos or most treasured photos if something were to happen to your smartphone definitely exists. But, now that WhatsApp for Android has got Google Drive on its side, users no longer have to bite their nails over this matter. With Google Drive, you can store and save all of your information, chats, photos and videos all together. This way you can rest assure that nothing will be lost.

According to Scott Johnston (Director of Product Management at Google Drive) “Whether it’s recounting a story, watching a video, or enjoying photos with family and friends, our memories help us reconnect with what’s really important”. He continued saying “And every month, nearly a billion people use WhatsApp to do just that. Of course: you don’t want your memories stuck on your phone. (What if something happens?!)” he concluded. And his statement couldn’t be more right as most people treasure their memories and want to hold on to them for a long period of them, whether these are mere messages or photos.

As soon as you back up all of your data with Google Drive, when you wish to restore it on a new phone, you can do so with a simple click here and there. Expect this feature to pop-up in the upcoming months and as soon as it’s available you should see it in WhatsApp settings.

WhatsApp is being used by 900 million users and most of them are Android devotees. With the addition of this new feature, users can rely on it to secure their data. Google Drive contains solid encryptions codes that will guarantee you a tight lock on your information.

According to Brian Acton, the Co-Found of WhatsApp this endeavor “offers the native Android experience we want for our users and the scale to grow with us”, he claimed.

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