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When talking about building a thriving and ever-growing audience on YouTube, most people love to limit the discussion to production and uploading of viral videos.

While a video that goes viral could do a ton of good, it is not the best approach. For the most part, the discussion regarding the viral video tends to focus on the content rather than the brand responsible for producing and posting it.

Some brands post on YouTube as a way of generating traffic. The best goal is to use YouTube for building audiences. Building an audience would require realigning your goals and focus. For example, you would need to consider building your YouTube channel consistently and gradually rather than escape some stages. Viral videos only help bring in one-time page views. Building your channel is the best way for building an audience. This is called optimizing YouTube.

The next stage involves educating your audience. The main goal of any video that you post on YouTube should be to educate your audience before entertaining them. Unfortunately, many brands focus on entertainment and wonder why they cannot build a thriving audience on YouTube. Identifying the utility value of all the videos and other content that you post on the site would be great in ensuring that the viewer gets value for his time.

Consistency in creating a thriving audience on YouTube hinges on your ability to use the same characters all the time. Identify a theme and use it consistently. This way, the audience will grow accustomed to the now familiar characters and identify with them. Some brands prefer using celebrities. Once you have created a YouTube channel, you need to spend time updating it with fresh content. The channel cannot succeed in building a thriving audience with a single video.

Other practical strategies that you can apply to bolster the audience on your YouTube channel includes the following:

  1. Regularly Creating and Updating Content

Here, you need to be uploading fresh videos at least once every week. You must stick to the schedule that you created. All your videos need proper tagging. Write good titles and meaningful descriptions for all your videos.

  1. Planning the Videos

You need to think through any video that you desire to publish on YouTube. You need a script for this. Develop a habit of filming what you know. Do not forget the importance of starting with a hook. Pacing the content appropriately would provide you with excellent more subscribers.

  1. Producing Clips

This requires that you spend some time editing the videos to professional standards. Transitions need proper developing. Do not stop practicing camerawork. Spend time experimenting with a variety of shots until you nail the techniques.

Finally, focus on building the audience by being consistent with the content. Do not put an end to interacting with subscribers. Do not focus on your channel to the point that you see no value in subscribing to other channels. Find creative ways and avenues of advertising your YouTube channel so that it keeps attracting more followers. If you follow these guidelines, building a thriving audience on YouTube will not be an impossible task.

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