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Google Play Store is home to some of the best apps for reading news and magazines.

If you own an Android tablet or Smartphone, using it to read magazines would be putting it to the best use. Such devices seem better suited for reading magazines. Play Store is full of such types of apps, thus the importance of evaluating them properly to identify the best.

In this regard, some of the top apps you should use in reading magazines include:

  • Google Play Newsstand

This app is easily available and simple to use on almost all Android devices. It is one of the most popular for reading magazines. It allows users to buy a single issue or opt for the subscription. The content of the magazine on this app is similar to what you would get when reading an actual magazine. It is similar in structure and design to PDF documents.

  • Zinio

This app is dedicated purely to reading magazines. The interface is not only clean, but it also provides readers with an excellent reader or user experience. The app displays magazine issues in grids. You could also locate your favorite magazines using the many categories that the app contains.

  • Issue

This app is excellent for locating some of the magazines that you cannot find in Newsstand or Zinio. This app appeals to readers who are not interested in paying for magazines. It provides magazine publishers with a platform on which they can display their work in a digital format while avoiding the heavy lifting associated with the process.

  • Amazon Kindle

This is one of the biggest platforms and apps for reading magazines. It not only proves helpful in supplying users with e-books but can be a brilliant platform to use in getting and reading magazines as well. It is one of the few cross-platform apps you will find in Google Play Store. Use it to access your Kindle library.

  • Barnes & Noble Nook

If you already know how Barnes and Noble Nook operates, choosing this app for reading magazines on your Android device should be a straightforward matter. The fact that it is a cross-platform app and has a desktop companion software makes the app great in many regards. Use it to read magazines in the same place where you normally read e-books.

Therefore, feel free to use any of these apps for reading different types of magazines. Each app has strengths and weaknesses. Each app is unique in terms of the types of magazines that it displays better for Android users to read. It is not wrong to go to Google Play Store and download or install more than one of these apps for reading magazines.