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The Moto G (2015) is a 3rd generation of Motorola’s mid-range phones.

This handset sits in between cheaper Moto E series and the Moto X, with its rise in price taking the 8 GB model to $179. At this very price, it is in serious competition with some of the best in the market at the moment. With this review, you will get to know some of the unique features this phone brings to the table to the device whether it is enough to make you buy it.

Release Date and Price

The Moto G (2015) cost is much than its predecessors. This 8 GB model begins at a price of $179 going high to $219 for the 16 GB model on Moto maker. The truth is that these costs are already being reduced in some markets. This means you can still buy it at a reduced price if you want to. They come with protective covers that cost additional. So, you just need to be prepared.

On the 28th of July2015, it was released and announced, all in one. So, you can find it on the market today. If you have already seen it in some online stores, but aren’t sure whether to buy it or not, this review is for you. It is not too late, so, read on.

Build Quality and Design

This 3rd generation Motorola phone looks more exquisite than versions before, with a striking design, some might say quite the same as the Moto X (3014). However, because it is a mid-range phone, the case is plastic. Apart from the unique look of the design, there are other things that have been added to make the phone stand out for all users. For instance, the stereo speakers from last year’s blockbuster have been gotten rid of, and other cool features have been brought on board.

The screen of the handset feels like when you have a Moto G 2014 in your hand, and it is good enough to fill one of your hands. Also, the power button has been enhanced to make it very easy for you to enjoy holding it. At the top right-handbuttons, there are now aluminum and the handset coming in black and white design.

One of the main selling features of this device is its customization. Yes, you can decide to choose from 10 unique shades for its back shell, ten shades for its trim strip and five shades of its protective cases that are foldable. Unfortunately, no matter the color you choose, the back is made of plastic and not wood or leather like the Moto X came with. Taking selfies with the camera of the phone is amazing with a 5 MP as well as the display flash it comes designed with.

Bottom Line

There are more features that make the device stand out. However, the patronage is not as high as many envisaged. This doesn’t mean it is not a good phone worth owning.