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Here are two big names when it comes to email services, and they are Gmail and Inbox (Google’s latest application for iOS and Android mobile devices, and which can be opened by the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari). So, why would you use Gmail or Inbox? In this article, we’ll present the advantages and disadvantages of the new service and you’ll decide if it’s best for you.


First of all, Inbox has the ability to scan and sort incoming emails, and it sends the most important ones to your inbox, while the rest are sent to one of the seven categories: Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums, Promos and Low Priority. If you don’t want to open them, you can mark an entire bundle of emails as “Done”, or you can delete entire bundles at once.

Also, when you receive some important emails, but you don’t have time to open them and you’re afraid that you’ll forget about them, there’s a new feature which allows you to “snooze” messages, and they will stay in the snooze folder until they will appear again in the inbox (you’ll set the time and date).

Another cool feature allows you to pin messages to your inbox, by tapping the pin button located at the top of a message.

When you’re not in the mood to respond to a message, you can “tell” Inbox to remind you to reply later, by tapping the “Remember to” field below to subject line, where you’ll type in what you want to say to your friend.

Also, if you change your mind after sending the email message, there’s the Undo option, which will catch the message before it reaches the recipient, but you need to tap on that button with 15 seconds after hitting the Send button.


You should know that Inbox works only with Gmail accounts, not with Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Outlook etc. And, if you have more Gmail accounts, you won’t have a universal inbox option for the mobile application, like Gmail.

Until Inbox learns to sort through email and shuffle messages into the right bundles, it will make lots of mistakes, so you will have to “train” Inbox to recognize messages’ places. This means that you will need to move sorted messages from a bundle to another.

Another disadvantage is that you are not allowed to “mute” message threads, like in Gmail.

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