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Google Earth, together with Google Maps, is one of the most popular and highly used mapping products from Google.

The advantage that it holds over Google Maps is the most polished interface. Moreover, it has more features than you could ever find in Google Maps. With Google Earth, users can explore different maps. The maps that you can view on the app are not only on or of the earth but also other planets.

The Street View features on Google Earthworks just as effectively in 3D, thus providing users with a more realistic picture of different locations around the Earth. To see maps or view streets in 3D using this feature, you only need to press either “T” or “3”. The Flight Simulator on Google Earth allows users to view different locations on earth from unique perspectives. The flight simulator provides enhanced fun.

Google Earth is not only effective in exploring the earth’s surface. With this app, it is now possible to view planets such as Mars, thus never have to worry about failure to go on a space exploration trip, which costs a fortune. With this app, you can receive real-time traffic conditions. To enjoy these real-time up-to-the-minute traffic updates, you have to follow this path: Layers – More – Traffic.

Google Earth is not a panacea for all your mapping concerns. This is because some places appear blurred on the app. Number plates and faces are some of the features that you will not be able to see well on Google Earth, as they all appear as blurry images. Google Earth does this to protect privacy. The blurriness occurs immediately. Thus, there is never any risk of the actual face or number plate being seen.

Google Earth is just as effectively usable online as it is offline. Therefore, this means that you can use the app whether you have Internet connectivity or not. Your experience when using Google Earth will be enhanced through an all-inclusive set of layers. Google Earth allows users to create their 3D models of various buildings that they wish to view. SketchUp is the tool that you need to create the 3D imagery on Google Earth.

Therefore, you can use Google Earth in a variety of ways by exercising a bit of creativity and doing some research. On the Google Earth app, you can embark on plenty of creative and amazing things. The app allows you to travel to any location on the earth and view a 3D image of a street, building and other landmark features. The app is also great as an educational tool and for tackling all your mapping tasks.