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Viber is considered a premium IM app for handsets worldwide. It is still being downloaded on Google Play Store and on the App Store, having a record of 100 million downloads and the numbers don’t stop here.

Android and iOS users are the main supporters, even if Viber has made its way to Windows Phone gizmos. Sadly, Windows Phone owners cannot enjoy several Viber elements that iOS and Android users are so happy to have.

Apparently, Viber just received an upgrade on both of the above mentioned platforms, the Android one and the iOS. What does this mean? You guessed it, brand new features.

The best one is the Groups Likes element, meaning devotees can hit the like knob for messages when engaged in a group conversation. The upgrade may also allow users to share funny or important content by simply forwarding whichever Public Chat message you desire.

Users can now write as they please, meaning they will not have to count the characters or words in a text message. According to the developers that have been working on this upgrade, the video messaging feature will have several surprises in stored for you guys, but nothing has been blurred out for now as far as what to expect.

Even if all of these features are standing by on Android and iOS platforms, there is one in particular that can only be found on the Android variant of Viber. We are referring to the Public Chats element which is now available on Android tablets. Because initially it was only accessible on Android handsets, the time has come for Android tablet users to experience this neat feature.

Head on to Google Play Store to set up Viber app. It will work on gizmos running Android 4.0 and higher. As for all you iOS devotees out there, the App Store is the place for you and you can have Viber up and running on gizmos that run on iOS 7.0 and higher.

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