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The attractiveness of Google Earth does not begin and end with the app being useful for navigation only.

You can undertake plenty of fun activities with the app. With a bit of creativity and research, it is possible to use the app in several other ways. For example, you may use Google Earth to find several secrets that neither you nor your friends knew. Examples of the secrets that the app could help you locate include:

  1. Mysterious patterns in the desert
  2. Airplane boneyard
  3. Swastika-shaped building complex
  4. Massive herds of water buffalos
  5. Huge triangle located in the middle of Arizona

If you are keen enough, finding more secrets that you were never looking for in the first place would be the norm with Google Earth. You will never fail to see some of the strangest sights ever on this app. The Flight Stimulator feature on the app makes it possible for the user to embark on more adventurous and out-of-the-box activities. With the app, you could embark on a mission to identify the owners of vast acres of land in your city.

What other cool and fun activities can you do with Google Earth?

  • Viewing a 3D image of any place on earth, including your home or school

To do this, you need to click Fly To, before entering the name of the location you wish to view inside the input box. Next, click the search button. When the search results appear, double-click the name of the location and allow Google Earth to fly you to that spot.

  • Tour The World

To do this fun activity, you have to go to the Places panel. Once there, open the folder marked Sightseeing Tour. Next, double click the link marked “Start Tour here” and you will be ready to tour your preferred destination around the world.

  • Obtain Driving Instructions

If you want to drive from one place to the next, Google Earth can provide you with driving instructions to make the task much easier and prevent the likelihood of getting lost along the way.

  • View the Most Recent Historical Photos of Your Favorite destinations

To do this fun activity, you have to go to the 3D Viewer Menu. Thereafter, click the button featuring a clock icon for enabling Historical Imagery. Make use of the time slider for viewing places you consider the most interesting throughout history.

  • Viewing 3D Terrains

You will enjoy this activity if you want to view the mountainous or hilly terrains. Go to any location of your choice. Once the location comes into view, the zoom slider would enable you in tilting the terrain.

In Switzerland, the local police made use of Google Earth to locate a weed farm recently. In Kosovo, the locals have identified the app as the best tool to create awareness about dangerous landmine fields. You can use the Historical Imagery feature on the app to view the 9/11 terror attacks that took place in the US in 2001. Recently, an archaeologist who operates via satellite was able to discover lost Egyptian Pyramids with the help of the app.

Therefore, do not restrict your use of Google Earth to the normal and ordinary activities. Look for creative ways to spend your time on this app. Use the app to increase your knowledge about specific geographical locations. Use the app also to improve your knowledge regarding specific demographics around the world. It is no wonder that educators have begun advocating the use of the app in the classroom to make lessons more interesting.