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Installing Google Earth on any of your devices does not require prior experience or plenty of technical know-how.

With this app, you can visit famous sites and geographical locations around the world. You can also take a tour of the world with this app. The app has simplified navigating the virtual globe that was built from nothing other than satellite imagery. You only need a few minutes to install Google Earth regardless of the method that you use.

The three methods that you can use to install Google Earth depend on several factors. Installing the app on your computer will require a different procedure, but only after ascertaining that the machine meets all the appropriate requirements. Installing it for your browser would also follow a much different process. It would be advisable to follow the right procedure when installing this navigation app from Google on any of your mobile devices.

If you want to install the app on a modern computer, you will be happy to note that such machines are capable of running it without much difficulty. Never download the app from any other site except the official Google website. You will have to click the appropriate Google Earth link and choose the desktop option. Afterward, the app will be ready for downloading, but only after, you have read through the terms and conditions and agreed with them. Install it after that.

Check that the browser meets the requirements for installation before proceeding to install Google Earth. You will need to have any of the following browsers to consider even downloading and installing this navigation app:

  • Chrome 5.0+
  • Internet Explorer 7+
  • Firefox 2.0+ (3.0+ OS X)
  • Safari 3.1+ (OS X)

Next, you can visit the official Google Earth website. Click the appropriate link and choose the web option. Firefox users need to remember that they cannot install the plugin while this specific browser is in operation. For that reason, Firefox users only have the option of installing the Google Earth plugin using a different browser. After installing the plugin, take it through several tests to ascertain that it works perfectly.

As for installing Google Earth on a mobile device, you have to begin this journey from the app store on your Smartphone or tablet. You will get the app for free for your iOS or Android devices. Open the app store and search for the app. After finding the app, proceed to install it. The next step is to open the app, which should now appear on the screen of your mobile device. You only need to tap the app to open and begin using it.

Therefore, following these guidelines should make it easier for you to install Google Earth on your computer, browser or mobile device without any difficulty. For mobile devices, you will not have to ascertain that they meet the minimum requirements because they do. However, for computers and browsers, it is mandatory to check that they meet the minimum requirements before installing Google Earth.