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There aren’t too many existing email services, because most of the people prefer to sign up for a new account on Yahoo or Gmail, because they’re more popular and older. Gmail hasn’t changed much in the past year, but Yahoo has a revamped design and new features, to please the current users, and to attract the newcomers. So, which email services is best for you?


Yahoo Mail has a simple and clean interface, with five folders on the left (Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam and Trash), but there are additional folders in the drop-down menu. Above all these folders is found the Compose button, and when you click on it, the email list pane is replaced with a blank email. Also, above the Compose button are found other buttons for Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notepad and Yahoo Messenger.

Gmail doesn’t have an intuitive design, featuring email labels such as like Inbox, Sent Mail and Drafts on the left side, while Spam and Trash can be accessed via the drop-down menu, but you’ll find it hidden behind the Hangouts pane. To access your contacts, you will need to click on the drop-down menu which was placed above the Compose button. When you’ll see the simple button called Gmail, click on it, then select Contacts and that’s it.


When signing up for an account on Gmail, you’ll be offered 15GB of free storage, which is shared with Google Drive and Google Plus, but if you’ll need more storage, there are plans that start from $2 per month (100GB), while the most expensive plan costs $300 per month (30TB).

Yahoo Mail offers 1TB of free storage, which is much convenient, because Google charges you $10 per month for this capacity.

Security and Encryption

Besides the two-step verification, Gmail uses another method to allow its users to manage account permissions and it sends phone alerts when the password is changed, or if someone tries to hack the account (trying to login from a different IP address).

Yahoo Mail protects its users against phishing and has a sign-in seal (a text message or an image stored on the users’ computers). In addition, the users can change the frequency for the automatic sign outs.

Mobile Apps

Both Gmail and Yahoo are available for Android and iOS, but the first email service has almost the same functionality as Google’s webmail service, and the inbox is divided into the following tabs: Primary, Social, Promotions etc. There is a search button placed at the top right corner, and when receiving an email, the application delivers a push notification. When the users are in vacation, they can set Gmail to send auto-responses.

Yahoo Mail app has its folders in the left side and to search for messages, the users have the search bar which sits above the inbox. The background theme can be changed, and this feature isn’t offered by Gmail.