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Adobe Systems recently received a ton of complaints regarding the flaws on its Adobe Flash Player that presented real security threats.

The threats convinced users that cybercriminals would use the Flash Player to launch some serious attacks, which could probably include unwarranted disclosure of information as well as remote code execution. Fortunately, Adobe Systems listened and responded accordingly by removing all the security issues or flaws.

Consequently, by fixing the issues, users now had to identify and install the right version of Adobe Flash Player on their devices as follows:

  1. Windows and Mac – Flash Player
  2. Linux – Flash Player

Furthermore, the Flash Player version of Adobe Flash Player remains available for any user who is on the channel for extended support release. Adobe Systems announced that any user who used Google Chrome on his Windows device or Internet Explorer on any version of Windows 8 would receive the latest version of Adobe Flash Player automatically on the browser.With its release of 23 updates, Adobe flaws will now be non-existent.

The new releases come as great news for Adobe Flash Player users. This is because of the exposure to attacks by hackers and other types of cybercriminals. The fact that Adobe Flash Player had these many security issues surprised many users who consider it invaluable for video streaming while browsing the Internet or reading e-books and watching photos. The improved updates will now make it impossible for hackers to gain control of other users’ machines.

If you use flash Player, regardless of the device or platform, Adobe advice you to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. Malicious attacks will not trouble you anymore if you upgrade today without further hesitation. Some of the issues that the new updated version of Adobe Flash Player solves include:

  • Buffer overflow vulnerabilities
  • Memory corruption
  • Malware validation checks
  • Memory leaks
  • Information disclosure

The vulnerabilities would never have been discovered if not for the participation of different organizations such as Alibaba Security Research Team, Zero Day Initiative of HP and Project Zero of Google. The fact that hackers never rest on their laurels in coming up with new ways of identifying flaws and taking advantage of them fast means that you should also not postpone the decision to upgrade fast.

Therefore, if you fail to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, there would be nobody to blame but you in case hackers succeed in gaining entry to your device and causing havoc. All your financial and banking records could be at risk. Your safety and that of your family could be at risk by failing to upgrade to the latest Flash Player version, which is safer to use, as it no longer has security flaws.

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