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Brand marketing has moved into social media platforms with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ranking as the best that the industry has to offer.

Through Facebook and other social media platforms, brands are assured that their content will reach a much larger market than they could ever think of achieving with traditional marketing. Opening a Facebook page or account is only half the job. The next step is to learn how to optimize your Facebook account.

Optimizing your Facebook account is all about giving it the best and most solid structure. This way, any person can find the information that they need from your Facebook page with little difficulty, if any. If other users can find information from your account with ease, you can look forward to a bevy of “Likes” and increased web traffic, which is great for your business. For that reason, ensure that the tabs are in an orderly manner.

Ensuring that reviews are displayed prominently on your Facebook page is yet one more strategy that you can apply to optimize it. Feature reviews from different renowned sites prominently on your Facebook page. At times, you might have to install an appropriate widget to display the reviews more prominently. The widget helps users to share content from your Facebook page to theirs or on to other sites with ease.

Optimizing Facebook page would be incomplete if you do not include great photography. Visual content is vital for the optimization of your Facebook account, and photography provides you with the tools to do just that. Instagram has shown the important role and amazing appeal that photos and videos now enjoy in social media marketing. Optimize the content on your Facebook account such that it can convey the right kind of information graphically and fast.

Featuring multilingual posts on your Facebook page or account would do your optimization goals a world of good. This works perfectly for brands that draw their customers from all over the world, thus need to communicate in more than one language. International reach would be hard to come by without multilingual posts. Move beyond catering for the needs of your core base of customers, especially if you share the same geographical location.

Encouraging geotagging has helped most people and brands that have focused on optimizing their Facebook accounts. Identify amazing ways through which followers will keep checking in to your current location. The exposure that this strategy offers you will increase traffic while helping to build a community. Currently, Facebook remains the most widely used check-in service followed by Foursquare at 39 percent and 18 percent respectively.

Finally, do not forget to offer exclusive deals to your followers. Be meticulous and ensure that your Facebook posts do not feature spelling or grammar mistakes. Avoid incorrect assertions and keep off from public-relations blunders. Find a way of connecting your content. Find a way of linking all the content that you have online. If you follow these guidelines, optimizing your Facebook account will be much easier and you will benefit greatly.