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Complete Overhaul

The iPhone continues to retain its followers, though it is not the most powerful, the smallest or the largest hand phones. With the Android phones quickly closing in, the iPhone 6 has received a total overhaul and gone several steps further. The changes in the iPhone 6 include a faster camera with greater capability, an improved processor and a more powerful battery, among others. The screen resolution has been enhanced and the screen has become larger.

Design Overhaul

The overhaul in design was very much needed. It has a strong build, screaming quality in your hand and something that is really worth spending on. The sharp edges have given way to a sleek and rounded look, which is very comfortable in the hand. It is slim but not so lightweight. The screen glass has been upgraded to withstand bumps or bruises and protect it from shattering easily.

The screen is bigger at 4.7 inches and has a resolution of 1334 x 750, but comes with a new screen having Retina display, making it brilliant.


The performance of the iPhone 6 is also improved with the use of a new, A8 Processor with the same 64 bit architecture. The camera is snappy and general browsing as well as application use is fast and snappy.

Apple Pay Feature

This is among one of the major changes in the iPhone 6. It comes with NFC packed within, with all top vendors using the technology by default. NFC synchronizes with Passbook, allowing the users to pay by tapping on the phone. It offers a contactless means of payment; so you can pay using the phone or the Apple Watch as well.

Operating System – iOS 8

iOS 8 is not a huge overhaul, but it does have some nifty features. For example, the notifications center is updated and comes with enhanced powers, allowing the users to view relevant information by pulling down the screen from the top. The software also brings in several upgrades, namely the use of other keyboards, such as Swiftkey so that the experience is not so cramped.


The camera continues to remain at the same resolution of 8 MP and does not offer 4K recording. The changes are seen in the f/2.2 aperture and the iSight feature having a very fast autofocus due to Focus Pixels. The video also offers smoother shooting. It can shoot with a speed of 240 fps.


The iPhone 6 is an excellent handset, especially due to the payment mechanisms introduced as well as the bigger screen and the battery capacity. The design has also been enhanced and follows the path of competitive phones, offering a bigger screen size. The hardware is powerful and combined with the iOS, it can offer a performance equal to that of any of the competition in the market today. It is a good upgrade for those owning an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5S, which is only 4 inches in screen size. The step up is good though it is not massive.