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Telegram is the fastest and basically the most secure app with respect to messaging services.

Even though the app is similar to WhatsApp, Viber and other messaging apps in one way or the other, the founder of the app, Pavel Durov, believes that this application is better in each and every aspect.

In short, what Pavel is saying is that WhatsApp and all the other apps suck at what they do and as such, it is time to move onto Telegram, the fastest and most secure instant messaging platform.

According to the latest reports, Telegram delivers more than 12 billion messages in a day. This recent announcement represents a 2 billion increase from the number of messages that went through the app’s chat service back in August of this year. Telegram recorded a massive increase in this area, regardless of the fact that WhatsApp posted increments in the number of users over the same period, with the CEO of the app revealing that it had now reached over 900 million monthly active users.

Why you should ditch WhatsApp for Telegram now

According to the founder of Telegram, there are several reasons as to why he thinks the users should ditch the Facebook-owned app in favor of his app. The first disadvantage of WhatsApp is that while it can be used on multiple devices, there is a problem when it comes to keeping messages on all devices. For instance, when your phone goes down, it goes with WhatsApp messages and you won’t be able to access them on your PC or tablet.

In addition, WhatsApp has no room for sharing media files other than photos, videos and audio recordings. It gets worse when you want to share a document or even a PDF file on the platform, but this can easily be handled by Telegram. The latter app is also very secure and private thanks to the self-destructing messaging feature as well as strong encryption. When it comes to numbers, WhatsApp is the king. However, Durov feels that this has nothing to do with the quality of services available, especially that Telegram has about 100 million monthly active users.

Telegram to launch a payment API to compete with Facebook Messenger

The world today is inclined towards mobile payments and for sure, no company wants to remain behind. Apple has been there with Apple Pay, Samsung have done it with Samsung Pay, Google is doing it with Android Pay and at the same time Facebook is at it with Messenger payments. Telegram will not be left behind in this movement and according to the owner; the company may partner with a third party provider of the service rather than build its own product.