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The Z3 Compact comes right on the heels of the Z1 Compact, which was released only a short time before it. It can also be considered as a flagship phone, though it is smaller in size, as it ideally suits those who don’t want to be carrying a huge handset around with them.

Upgraded Screen

The major upgrade is the screen, which is now 4.6 inches. It is 8.6 mm in thickness and comes in an angular design, with nylon corners helping it survive short drops. It has a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a pixel density of 319 ppi, offering good clarity. Color accuracy is good and so are the brightness and sharpness.


The design is very compact and is offered in different colors and a translucent finish, offering a premium feel. It is comfortable to hold and comes with enhanced resistance to dust and water. It has an IP65/68 rating, but this makes it difficult to remove the seals covering the ports, so charging is a little difficult. Another interesting aspect is that it offers PS4 compatibility, so you can control the PS4 using the same network, so that the phone offers a second screen.

Camera Specs

The camera is very similar to the previous Z1 Compact and has the same engine and sensor, with a resolution of 20.7 MP and a G Lens. It is superb in a bright landscape, but grainy in conditions of low light. There is an ISO 12800 setting that enables capturing of such low light scenes.

Battery and Capacity

The battery capabilities are a cool feature of the Z3 Compact. You can use the phone for three days without charging, as the screen is an intelligent one that can remember images. It also has an improved Qualcomm CPU, Snapdragon 801 offering enhanced efficiency. The screen also comes with a lower resolution, so the battery can hold up for a longer time.


The Z3 Compact is unique when compared to other small handsets, offering excellent web browsing experience, zooming in and panning around pages without stuttering. Android 4.4.4 is very responsive on this mid tier smartphone. There is no lag in the menus and the application tray, as you swipe through the screens. An excellent processor offers good graphics performance as well; so even demanding games or applications can run at 60 frames per second and look good.


The screen does not have a full HD feature, but it is priced lower, so it can even rival its elder sibling, the Z3. The screen is rather small and cannot bring about full enjoyment of movies or gaming.


The Sony Z3 Compact is an intriguing phone. It has an improved screen and build, compared to the predecessor, the Z1 Compact. The camera and the battery combined with the PS4 can be attractive to many people. It is also much cheaper, which is also a plus point. It brings in all the flagship features of more expensive phones at a bargain price. It is only the small screen alone that brings the price down, as all the other specifications have been kept the same as the elder flagship phone. The phone does not compromise on its performance and keeps all the high-end specifications in tact.