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Improving Quality Not Size

The Note range was offered with the idea that bigger was surely better. Samsung’s note range started out with a 5.3 inches screen, which was a lot at the time. The Note 4 comes with a 5.7 inches screen, which is similar to the Note 3. However, though the size remains the same, there are improvements in the screen quality.

Super Screen

The screen on the Note 4 has a Super AMOLED Quad HD display with a pixel resolution of 2560 x 1440, offering a 500 ppi density. The display is adaptive and alters according the light in which the user views the screen. Colors and details are vivid and playback is excellent.


The Note 4 is no longer plastic like and comes with premium finish of metal, feeling good in the hand. It is also lighter than its predecessor and has many of the features seen on the S5.

For instance, it has a heart rate monitor feature and some improvements have also been made to the back, though it is still made of faux leather.

The S Pen

One of the important tweaks in this great device is the S Pen, which gives two options, namely the fountain and the highlighter. The fountain is highly usable and offers the user a natural feel of writing. The sensitivity has been double, which makes it easy to write on the screen. It actually looks like real handwriting. You can also use the S Pen as a mouse with the Smart Select Mode, for highlighting passages or clipping out a section and placing it in your archive. It is no longer a useless feature, but rather an important aspect of the device.

Snap Mode

This feature has also received an upgrade. Previously, it was possible to snap any two services and bring the to the top and the bottom of your phone screen. However, the new upgrade allows the users to make changes to the size of the app, similar to a widget. For instance, while using the camera, you can remain in the camera mode and also send an image, using merely a diagonal downward swipe. This will result in shrinking the camera and allow you to use the other parts of the screen.

Camera Features

The camera features have also received an upgrade in the Note 4. The resolution has increased to 16 MP, but this is not all. The f stop now clocks at f1.9, enabling 60% additional light and offering improved images. In addition, the camera can be used along with S Pen, with the Snap Note feature allowing the users to take pictures of a whiteboard and then make changes to the picture in it. You can delete text, the object size, change text and so on and is very useful for those who are creative.


The Note 4 is quite similar to the Note 3 as far as the size is concerned, but the device is more refined and offers interesting software updates, with a little bit of tweaking here and there.