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The A range of Samsung phones are just below its flagship phones and comes with features that are nearly on par with the flagship releases. However, they are priced lower than the flagship offerings. The A8 is the latest champion of this range and is priced much lower, when compared to the S6. It rightfully takes its place with the best of Samsung phones.

Design and Look

All Samsung phones have their signature look and feel, but the A8 offers an update that sets it apart from other devices in its price range. It has all the familiar features of Samsung phones, but comes with a metallic edge making it appear premium in its design. There is a solid button for Home, with fingerprint scanner being integrated into it, so it is very easy to use. You can also launch Camera by double tapping on Home key. The plastic back has a nice grippy feel and even looks metallic from afar.


The A8 comes with a full HD, Super AMOLED screen of 5.7 inches with a resolution of 1080 pixels. It offers bright and sharp details, with excellent motion sensitivity and touch sensitivity.

Software and Hardware Specs

Some variants make use of the 615 SoC in A8, whereas others have the octa core Exynos, 5430 SoC. The basic cores are powered at 1.8 GHz, whereas the other cores are powered at 1.3 GHz. As for the graphics card, a Mali T268, GPU, has been integrated. It comes with an internal storage of 32 GB, which can be expanded to 128 GB, using a microSD card. The RAM is 2 GB and it has a rear camera of 16 MP, with a front camera of 5 MP, powered by a battery of 3050 mAh.

TouchWiz Layer

The A8 runs on the Android 5.1.1 version, being layered with the company’s TouchWiz interface. The UI has been much improved, but it is still not as good as stock Android that is used by devices, such as Nexus or Motorola. TouchWiz does offer a smooth experience and is functionally efficient, but it offers less scope for customization and control over the phone. Though Samsung has been known for a lot of bloat ware on its devices in the past, the A8 is quite light, though it does have all the basic services, namely Galaxy Apps, the S Planner, the S Voice and the Smart Manager.

Security Features

The A8 offers good security features, with a fingerprint scanner. In addition, it comes with an option for private mode along with a scanner for virus or for malware. In addition, the Knox enterprise from Samsung is also available for mobile security solutions.

Dual Sim

It offers Dual SIM support for 4G Sim cards, though you can only use the 4G for a single SIM, with the other using a 3G card. The second slot can also be used as the microSD card slot, so you have to opt for extra storage or for dual SIM.


The A8 is well designed and good to hold, though it is phablet sized. It offers excellent performance and a good battery life.