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Various rumors regarding the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2016 have surfaced online. Keep on reading to find more about the rumored specs and the launch date.

Based on back-fence talk, the big unveiling of Apple’s devices might happen by the end of the year as it failed to happen in the previous month. Apple’s previous models have started to go on sale, so this is clear sign that Apple is planning a new launch. However, some believe that the launch date for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 2016 have been deferred to the following year.

The main motif behind this deferral is that the iPad Pro launch is imminent in this fall season and Apple is really stirring up some waves with this all-mighty tablet. The latter device is presumed to reach the market in the month of November. So, Apple is channeling of all its focus towards the iPad Pro.

Some voices also claim that the launch of the MacBook Air and Pro 2016 are delayed because the Intel processors have not yet entered the production stage. Apple hasn’t validated any piece of information regarding these upcoming devices, but according to the rumors, they might roll out with the iPad Air 3.

Specs regarding the MacBook Air & Pro 2016

The MacBook Air and Pro will have the Force Touch technology included, a profile you will love because of its narrow look and a stellar keyboard. The MacBook Air might sport a 13-inch or a 15-inch display. This remains to be seen though.

And with the Skylake-U processor under the hood, the performance levels will be off the charts, having a 10% upsurge in CPU speed and 34% upsurge as far as the Intel HD graphics are concerned. The battery will also be enhanced, the device will contain a Type-C USB port and it will also run on OS X. The MacBook Pro 2016 will mirror the MacBook Air version, however it might just rock more RAM.

As noted by News Everyday the costs for the new MacBook Air and Pro 2016  have not yet been disclosed. So, according to title-tattle, the 13-inch version of the former gizmo might retail for $1500. There might be some truth to these suppositions as the here-and-now MacBook Pro Retina (the 15.4-inch model) costs $1699.