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It has always been the case that a person who was not following you could not send you a Direct Message on Twitter.

However, Twitter recently announced a feature that makes it possible for people to send and receive messages to any person they are not following. The company took the new feature through a series of tests in 2013. The feature was at risk of not seeing the light of day the moment some users raised complaints of not being able to opt out afterwards.

Are Twitter users helpless with this feature? Does it mean that you can do nothing to stop receiving messages from people you do not follow as well as from those who do not follow you? Now, if you do not want to receive Direct Messages from those you do not follow, opting in through the settings menu while on the aforementioned feature will make this possible. What can you do?

The feature that makes you helpless and able to receive Direct Messages from just about everybody is an opt-in. If you want to receive Twitter Direct Messages only from people that you follow, do nothing. One advantage of not receiving Direct Messages from every person on Twitter is that it allows your inbox to be free of spam. If you tick the “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone” box, the DM inbox will be full of all manner of messages.

However, leaving the “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone” box unticked will ensure that your DM inbox remains free of junk messages and spam. This means that you no longer have to spend endless hours trying to go through your DM inbox to identify the credible messages from everything else. If you tick the aforementioned box and fail to “Save the Changes”, you will still be unable to receive Direct Messages from everybody.

What changes you make on the above box, do not forget to press the “Save the Changes” button. The new changes that Twitter has introduced makes it possible to respond to Direct Messages sent your way by people you do not follow on this social media platform. People with iPhone and Android devices will now be able to see new button that they can use to send Direct Messages.

The new feature is good for people who desire to send Direct Messages asking to be followed so that they can DM a private and highly confidential message. With the opt-in feature, individuals who do not need disturbances while on Twitter can go about their normal activities on this social media site without much worrying. Alternatively, if you do not want people to send DMs for issues you consider trivial, avail an email where they can forward such messages.

Therefore, Twitter has made life much easier for people who struggled with a ton of Direct Messages on their inboxes as well as those who wanted to allow their followers to send DMs rather than tag them for the whole world to see. You have the option of deciding whether you want to receive DMs from every person on Twitter or not. The feature protects you from having your DM full of spam.