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This WhatsApp APK is the latest beta version of the famous application which has now over 900 million active users. Android is the platform with the largest number of users, which is why the developers are releasing new updates every few days. Sometimes, they are launching 3-4 updates a week, depending on how many bugs need to be fixed, this new version doesn’t bring anything new, or at least we didn’t receive a change log and apparently, the installation file has been reduced from 22.72MB to 19.38MB.

If you’ll check the official website of WhatsApp, there you will find the version 2.12.297, which means that the 2.12.298 APK is first posted on the APK Mirror website, from where the testers can download it. The eventual bugs can be reported so that the developers can fix them, so we suggest you to not try it if you don’t want to get angry when the application won’t run as expected, if you want to install the stable version, then download the one from the Google Play store.

WhatsApp keeps evolving and now it offers Skin Tone emojis and has a mark as read option – just long press the chat on the main screen and at the bottom of the popup menu, there’s the Mark as Read option.

A while ago, the developers introduced the Vulcan greeting for Trekkies and the middle finger gesture. Also, long before the addition of these new features, WhatsApp received an update which allows the users to send messages by giving voice commands to the Google Now option.

Going back to the WhatsApp latest APK, we must remind you that it’s a beta version and it can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to find it on the internet (the best source is APK Mirror). However, in order to install it on your Android device, you will need to enable the Unknown Source option from Settings -> Security.