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WhatsApp for Windows Phone has been among the last recipients of almost any new feature that comes to this messaging platform.  

While some point to the fact that there are only a few users using WhatsApp via this platform hence the lag in rolling out updates for this niche. There are others who believe that the complex nature of this Microsoft platform is what makes it hard for Android developers to take advantage by rolling out similar apps and constant follow-up updates. So, WhatsApp developers can be relieved by the fact that it’s not the only app that is slow in rolling out updates for the Windows Phone platform.

An example of this scenario is the ability to make voice calls. While this feature came on Android in February this year, it took the company months before the feature finally started showing up on the beta versions.

WhatsApp 2.12.152 BETA is the latest version for Windows Phone devices

There is finally some good news for users of WhatsApp, who own Windows Phone devices. This Facebook-owned app has finally received some amazing updates, but the new features are only available on the beta version of the app.

This is something that has been going on for a while on the Windows Phone platform, where lots of features have been coming to the beta version, but none has yet to appear on the mainstream app.

Nonetheless, the new update brings in a reverse change. As opposed to the previous version where the app remained active in the background, the new version 2.12.152 BETA will exit when the back button is tapped. Also, the new update means that the latest version of WhatsApp will no longer resume as rapidly as before. However, there is now better performance even when installed on devices with low RAM.

Minor changes in WhatsApp Search page

You will also notice some changes in this app, but with respect to the Search page. In the latest WhatsApp 2.12.152 for Windows Phone Search page, numbers now indicate the number of matches in contacts and chats.

As of now, there is no clear view of which direction WhatsApp intends to take with respect to multitasking services. However, testing this feature in the current v2.12.152 beta will only mean the best for this feature in the coming future.

Since this latest Windows Phone update is still in beta, users must be members of the beta testing program for this platform to access and download WhatsApp 2.12.152 on their devices.