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Facebook is one of the most highly effective tools for marketing events. Facebook has been around since 2004.

It is not only a platform that friends can use to remain in touch with each other, but also acts as a powerful tool for marketing different products and services, including events. However, if you are to market your event on Facebook successfully, the ability to follow the correct procedure would determine whether you succeed or fail.

A good strategy and plan of action is necessary for the success of promoting events via Facebook. You have to improve and ready all your marketing tools prior to creating any event on Facebook. A high-quality photo is necessary for creating the event. Prepare an elevator pitch that provides a good summary of the event. Appoint administrators from the many people you know and trust from the list of those already on Facebook and enjoy a stellar reputation.

Choosing the best method for promoting the event on Facebook is the next step. Some of the ways or methods that you can use include:

  1. Setting up a Facebook Fan Page, which is perfect for an annual event or a large function
  2. Setting up a Facebook Group Page, which is ideal for an exclusive event
  3. Using the Facebook Event app

However, prior to engaging in these steps, it would be good to begin by opening or creating a Facebook Page for the event, charity or business. After opening the page, begin posting the relevant content regularly instead of abandoning it with the original content only. Posting links to news items in addition to announcing the list of guests who will attend while starting discussion threats are some of the activities that you could do in the meantime.

The second method is Facebook Event Promotion. For this method to bear the best results, creating the event on the event app should be the first step. You would then have to post the event (with all relevant information) on your profile, in case this does not take place automatically. Sharing the event with all the fans on the event page that you created should follow next.

Be responsive to all the issues that the fans express after accepting an invitation to either join the Event/Fan Page or agree to attend the event. Whenever any of the fans posts on the event page, remember to respond and not remain aloof. Creating a contest where fans can win tickets to the event would also help increase awareness about the upcoming function. Make it possible for the fans to win various merchandize by liking your posts or sharing content on their profiles.

Lastly, remember the importance of creating a Facebook ad, but only if you notice that the interest among your fans appears to be lagging. Following this guideline will ensure that your event attracts the best attendance. If you follow these guidelines religiously and apply a bit of creativity in awarding and rewarding your fans, the event will enjoy the much-needed publicity and become a huge success.