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Apple rolled out two new iPhones with amazing cameras. However, the biggest technological innovation Cupertino has introduced on iPhone 6S is 3D Touch.

Actually, this technology is not that new. It has been there before, but only if you own an Apple Watch or one of the latest iPads and MacBooks. This technology has been hidden just underneath the screen of your iPhone 6S.

In the past, pressure sensitivity features have been availed in drawing apps, however, it is the first time Apple has forced this technology into its UI. Pressing the screen at varied pressure levels will result in something different, just like Force Touch works on the Apple Watch.

3D Touch is not a gimmick

While many out there might be thinking that this is a gimmick, well, it’s not. Once you get to experience it, you will agree with the logic Apple has behind this new 3D Touch technology. One rather sad thing is that this amazing technology is currently available in Apple apps alone, but as we all know, it is technology in the working.

So, what can 3D Touch do on iPhone 6S?

The first thing you need to know is that all of Apple’s apps use 3D Touch technology in most cases, especially when getting previews of your next action. For instance, a hard-press on an icon when on the home screen will reveal a set of shortcuts directly in a section of the app.

The idea of getting a preview of what’s coming next is actually buried deep within Apple’s apps. For instance, when you get an email or link, hard pressing on it will give you a “peek” window with a preview of the email’s contents. While it might be a new thing, you’ll definitely love it when you get used to it, occasionally finding yourself taking quick looks at almost everything before you get back to your initial conversation.

If you lift your finger from the screen, the preview window will close. However, if you like what you saw and would like to see more, just press the screen a little harder without lifting your finger and the window will open up in full screen.

3D Touch is consistent and intuitive

Apple has tried to be consistent with the use of peeking and popping. It has successfully made 3D Touch technology on the iPhone 6S, kind of predictable and very useful, as opposed to how Force Touch presents itself on the Apple Watch – a random input method that works with random options.

There are still other things that 3D Touch can do on your iPhone 6S. When you use some little pressure to swipe your screen from the left, a multitasking view will open up. Maybe this might not feel any different from double clicking the home button, but if you want to take advantage of this new technology, it’s there for you.

The keyboard also makes use of this technology as well. Just press hard on it and it will immediately gray out and change into a trackpad. In this way, it is easy to move and cursor to any position you want.

If you are keen enough, you will notice that the screen blurs in proportion to the amount of pressure you use when using 3D Touch.