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The most important thing you need to know about the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is that it is a 4K smartphone. This offers a display with an astounding number of pixels, 3840 x 2160. However, there really is no content that can do justice to such a degree of sharpness on a phone screen. Of course, you can view photographs and 4K video recordings very clearly.

Design and Dimensions

One of the new features of the new Sony device is that it comes with mirrored backs, but with metal rims like the regular Z5. The chrome or silver version of the phone is awesome to a few while some might find it gaudy, with the gold version being a lot frostier similar to other Z5 phones and offering a premium feel.

The Z5 Premium comes with a screen display size of 5.5 inches and is a little challenging to operate with a single hand, but it is not as large as the 6S plus from Apple.

The 4K Screen

The 4K screen does add to the attraction, as it offers a sharpness of 806 dpi, which is just unheard of in a smartphone. You may not find much use for the additional pixels in the normal usage of the phone; so there doesn’t seem to be much to get excited about. This is because there are many other options of QHD and Full HD, which can offer an equally great experience.

4K content is not yet available for phones, so it can only be used for watching 4K videos that come loaded on the phone.

Camera Specs

The Xperia Z5 Premium comes with a 23 MP rear camera and this is one of its main selling points. It also has an autofocus of 0.03s, so you can get decent snaps every time, with a market leading feature that can get you clean pictures even in low light conditions.

Battery Specifications

As for the battery, it might have some problems due to the 4K screen that has to be powered along. In order to achieve this, it comes with a powerful 3430 mAh battery, capable of offering a two day life. It makes use of a new technology, with the CPU shutting down in case of a static image on the screen, which cuts down the battery usage by half.

Fingerprint Scanning

The fingerprint scanner is another new feature, coming in the form of a button shaped like a lozenge. The button is on the side and enables quick unlocking by tapping without much lag. This kind of biometric authentication feature will be useful, especially when Android Pay comes along; so it seems to be a clever move by Sony.


The Z5 Premium offers a premium experience, with a superior build and components. The 4K screen seems to be a little unnecessary at present, but it could prove to be an attractive feature to some. In addition, it has the PS4 Remote and a high-resolution audio and is both waterproof and dust proof phone, so Sony seems to have gone all the way with this phone. The price is a little on the high side and the design does not have anything new to offer.