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These two email services are great for business and productivity and they’re used daily by millions of people, who communicate with their colleagues, friends, customers etc. Years ago, when there were fewer messaging applications, if people needed to transmit something important, such as an invitation to a conference, an offer, they composed an email and entered the correct address of the recipient. Times have changed, but these communication tools still have plenty fans. If you decided to create an email account, but you’re undecided which service to use, in this article we’ll tell you more about Gmail and, and you’ll decide which one is better for you.

Gmail was launched on April 1, 2004 and offered only 1GB of storage.’s ancestor is Hotmail, which was launched in 1996, but which went trough many changes, after being acquired by Microsoft, in 1997. The current name was chosen in 2013, when the service was relaunched with 2MB of free storage.


Many consider Gmail’s interface uglier, being too clean, but that’s because the developers didn’t want their users to get distracted by all kinds of folders.’s interface was inspired from the Windows Modern UI, featuring a reading pane which needs to be enabled, because it’s turned off by default. Gmail has also a reading pane which is part of the Labs feature, but it also needs to be enabled.

Folders and Labels

Gmail has labels, not folders, allowing messages to be tagged with multiple labels, while features the old folder structure, with categories, and the users can apply multiple categories t a message. Documents, Photos and Newsletters are some of the Quick View folders and these categories are automatically chosen by to tag certain messages.


Gmail has a search bar at the top of the page, where you will type any search term and hit enter. To select more advanced methods, add shortcuts such as “to:” or “from:”. has more advanced methods to find information through messages.


Currently, the new Gmail users get 15GB of free storage, but they can buy more storage. It isn’t sure how much storage is offered by, because there are different versions: either 5GB or unlimited, but it is known that those with an Office 365 subscription get 1TB of storage which covers all Microsoft products.

Attachments Limits

On Gmail, you can send files that have a maximum size of 25MB, while the attachment limit for is 10MB.