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Just like in the other S versions of the iPhone, the 6S also is similar to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but you can see the changes when you touch the phone.

The changes can be seen in the front camera and the rear camera, the processor is faster and there is more memory. The body is in a stronger metal and Siri is always on.

The 3D touchscreen

The 6S comes with a pressure sensitive touchscreen, where a lot can happen when you push in. You can find new options and shortcuts, without having to go within the application. Though these may not sound a big deal at present, it is part of the plan. For instance, the earlier S phones from Apple brought in novel features, such as Touch ID and also Siri, but they later proved to be a core aspect of the iPhone experience.

A New Dimension

The 3D touch adds a new dimension with its force sensitive aspect. The same technology has been used in the Apple Watch and in new MacBook track pad, but it is termed as the Force Touch. It is termed as the 3D touch, as the sensors on the new phone will be able to know where it is being pressed and also the depth to which it is being pressed. Thus, we have three dimensions, the horizontal screen, the vertical position and also the 3rd dimension, the depth.

Application Shortcuts

The most important use of the 3D touch is that you can create shortcuts for applications. All you need to do is to press on the application working with the 3D touch feature and it pops out in the form of a menu. For instance, you open your mailbox, look through Videos or Music or check out a location in the Maps. It offers a little more than merely tapping on a menu for opening it. You can save time, as you can do many things even without opening an application.

Peeking Into an App

The 3D touch allows users to peek into stuff in their applications, such as pressing on a header of their email and viewing the entire mail or reading stories in the News application, to get a quick preview, reading messages, sorting emails, swiping or trashing files and so on.

A Second Layer on the iOS 9

This new feature can capture motion or audio for a few seconds in the form of snapshots and when you press it down, these shots convert into a living moment. Though all this can also be done with the tap and the hold feature, the latter has already been assigned for deleting an application. There is much more that it can do, for instance, you can have several layers, instead of a single layer pop up. There are already some games that have taken advantage of the sensitivity range offered by 3D touch. For instance, AG Racer is a racing game involving high speeds and variable pressures.

The Potential for 3D Touch

There are many other art applications that will surely update to make use of the pressure sensitive strokes for sketching. Many games will also probably change their functions, according to the pressure given on a key and music applications could also make use of keyboards that are sensitive to pressure.