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Adobe Flash Player is used by millions of people every day without them even knowing it. This free software is used to view multimedia content on your browser such as streaming video or audio.

The latest Adobe Flash Player version is and can be downloaded on your Windows PC. The guys from Adobe are encouraging users to update to this version as soon as possible via the automatic update or the website.

This update fixes 23 critical vulnerabilities which could either lead to information disclosure or code execution. At the same time, this update comes with additional validation checks in order to make sure that Flash Player rejects malicious content from callback APIs.

It is good to know that 10 of the vulnerabilities were discovered by the Google Project Zero researchers. Others vulnerabilities were discovered by a Chinese hacking crew named Keen Team.

BBC iPlayer ditches the Adobe Flash Player

However, it seems that there are a lot of people quite angry about all these problems with the Adobe Flash Player. For example, the guys from BBC decided to ditch Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. It seems that there are other big companies that will ditch Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5 sometime soon.

With other words, the guys from Adobe might be a bit late with all these issues being fixed as some big companies are already looking for an alternative. Now the question is: will Adobe Flash Player withstand for a few more months or it will slowly die as more and more websites are ditching this player for the HTML5?

Did you ever have problems with the Adobe Flash Player? Has your browser ever crashed because of it? Tell us your thoughts about Adobe Flash Player and HTML5!