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WhatsApp is the unifying factor between close to a billion people from all over the world. With such a huge user base, it is true to say that this messaging app is actually indispensable.

So, why has Facebook-owned WhatsApp taken over the love of over 900 million people in a period of about 6 years? Well, the most obvious reasons are the simplicity and ease of use of the app as well as the free nature of the services it offers.

However, since lots of data usage might be involved when messaging and calling via WhatsApp, it is usually recommended that the users subscribe to an unlimited data plan or use a Wi-Fi connection to access the internet. Nonetheless, you will have one of the most powerful messaging tools on your phone that will for sure keep you in the loop.

There is no doubt that you are already enjoying WhatsApp and its array of features. However, if you want to have an optimal user experience with respect to chatting with WhatsApp friends, we have narrowed down a list of four essential features or rather tips and tricks that you can use to achieve this experience you desire.

Mute chats and notifications

Using WhatsApp private and group chats, you can enjoy a real time connection with friends and get the latest updates in almost every matter. However, when these updates and feeds start getting too regular, they might end up being a nuisance. Is there a need to leave a group just because the chat notifications are bombarding your phone? Well, there is really no need when there is an alternative to this.

Just look out for the specific group the notifications are coming from, go to the menu settings and tap on “Mute”. You will get more options of the duration you want to mute the chats, be it one hour, a week or even a year. There is also room for creating custom notifications for each contact or group such that you only check the notifications that you have preset as important and ignore the less important ones, especially when busy. This can be found in the “Group info” option on the menu. Alternatively, you can simply tap on the group’s name at the top of the chat window to access this menu.

Switch WhatsApp phone numbers

If it happens that you feel like changing your WhatsApp contact number, the process has now been made a lot easier. All you need is your new phone number active on the phone you want to use. Launch WhatsApp on the old phone and go to Settings>Account>Change number” and you will be provided with fields for entering your current number and the new number. All of your preferred WhatsApp configurations will be migrated to the new number, just as you wished.

Save storage space

On iPhones, WhatsApp photos are usually added to the camera roll automatically. This will of course take up huge storage spaces on your iPhone and given that there is no room for expanding memory on this device, you may have to resolve to other measures in order to create more storage space.

Just go to the settings of the phone and while in there, tap on Privacy then select the Photo option. Uncheck WhatsApp from the list of apps that appears and that’s it.

Use WhatsApp on the Web

WhatsApp was designed for smartphones. However, it is now available on desktops and laptops via WhatsApp Web. Using a web browser, you can now use WhatsApp on a PC, but you will have to keep the phone app running and the phone must also be connected to the internet all throughout.

To log in, you will have to scan a QR code available at using a QR code scanner on your phone, which is available in the menu section of the phone app via the WhatsApp Web option. The web app basically has the same features as the phone app, so, it shouldn’t be any problem adjusting to the PC Web client.

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