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The Smartphone device in your hands is not exempt from serious infection by malware, viruses and spyware.

In 2015, more than 50 million Android Smartphone users were shocked to discover security lapses on their gadgets. A Smartphone owner will use it every day without much regard for the kind of data that they share. During a recent 2015 Mobile World Congress event, security experts stressed the importance of staying safe and secure while using a Smartphone device.

Wi-Fi routers as well as networks are the new areas that hackers target. The fact that Smartphone users prefer accessing the Internet and browsing through Wi-Fi routers and networks means that the need for proper security and protection is much higher than ever before. Avast Antivirus offers protection against such types of cyber attacks. Wi-Fi routers are easy to not only hack, but also infect, thus putting privacy of Smartphone users at great risk.

Avast has the ability to detect more than 3,000 new strains of malware every day. In 2013 alone, Avast was able to identify close to 1.3 million fresh malware threats on Smartphone devices. The fact that the increase of malware that targets Smartphone devices continues unabated means that the users need all the protection that they can get to protect their privacy and the nature of the information stored in the Smartphone devices.

Ransomware is a new type of malware that targets Smartphones and affects advertising networks negatively. The malware also targets app stores in addition to third-party apps. Cybercriminals are also targeting online shopping as well as mobile payments. Since more people prefer doing online shopping and mobile payments, using their Smartphones, it is clear that they expose themselves to plenty of risks; hence the need for protection from Avast.

By installing Avast on your Smartphone device, you get:

  1. World-class protection
  2. Protection against the more than 2,850 threats that hackers create and release every day
  3. Ample security for your device as well as sensitive data
  4. Protection against loss of privacy
  5. Protection against loss of identity
  6. The ability to create a backup of all your sensitive personal data
  7. The tools with which to track your phone or raise the alarm when it is stolen or lost
  8. The ability to lock specific apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Amazon
  9. The chance to filter all the incoming calls as well as text messages
  10. The ability to engage in remote locking and wiping

Other features that Avast Mobile Security provides you with include:

  • Avast Widget
  • Network Meter
  • Web-based Control
  • SiteCorrect
  • User Interface
  • Antivirus
  • Privacy Report
  • Web Shield
  • App Manager
  • Firewall

As these features show, Avast provides you with ample protection for your Smartphone. Avast enables you to use your Smartphone without much worrying. However, installing Avast does not exempt you from taking the necessary precautions to avoid losing your privacy while using the Smartphone gadget. Installing the software only enhances your protection, but does not remove the burden of responsibility that you need to assume when using the Smartphone.