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What most people fail to appreciate is the fact that YouTube offers much more than they ever imagined.

Moreover, YouTube is a social networking site where you can meet new friends. For that reason, you must learn how to use it appropriately to derive all the relevant benefits. Each month, more than 800 million users visit YouTube for various reasons. You must learn how to promote yourself accordingly to enjoy the massive exposure that it provides.

YouTube is much different from the other social media platforms because it mostly appeals to people interested in watching videos. This is because YouTube is primarily a video streaming site or platform. The interface constantly keeps you engaged. By ensuring that users only focus on the videos, promoting yourself effectively on YouTube requires a deeper appreciation of all these different dynamics.

To promote yourself effectively on YouTube, it is vital that you learn to appreciate the following numbers:

  • 19 percent, which represents the lowest rate of average bounces
  • 99, which represents the highest pages for each visit
  • 82 seconds, which represent the longest visit duration

Every month, the users spend more than 6 billion hours watching YouTube videos. Every minute, more than users upload more than 100 hours of videos. More importantly, YouTube attracts more young adults than any other cable network that you can imagine. Therefore, these numbers prove the importance of finding the best way of promoting yourself on this video streaming site considering the huge amount of profiles and videos competing for the viewership and attention.

Therefore, you must first fill out your YouTube profile completely and properly. While at it, do not forget to describe your channel properly. Use keywords and tell your subscribers when to expect the next video upload. The About Page on your profile requires the addition of as many links as possible. Remember to spice up your channel. Being active by discussing videos in addition to publishing them and posting status updates is highly recommended.

Using a video to introduce yourself to the subscribers is highly advisable. To make the introduction video, never hold the camera or camcorder yourself. Keep the background noise at minimum levels. Edit the video while using a decent background. Keep the introduction video to around 2 minutes. State your name and occupation or activities on the introduction video. The introduction video should feature a call to action.

Finally, remember to promote your YouTube videos all the time. Do not focus on promoting one video once and abandoning the project. Keep getting better with each new video. Move to the next level of thinking and behaving like a video producer. Post the YouTube videos on all social media accounts that are under your name. Open a blog and write articles while remembering to embed them with the YouTube videos.

Therefore, begin following these guidelines today to promote yourself effectively on YouTube. Do not forget that YouTube can be highly powerful. If you have been on the lookout for a medium that gives you maximum reach to an online audience all-round-the-year, turn to YouTube and create not only an account, but also the appropriate channel under your name. Promote yourself and the videos on YouTube religiously.