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Earlier this year, Microsoft released the mid-range Surface 3 tablet, disappointing the fans who thought that they’ll see the Surface Pro 4 flagship tablet. Months have passed and new reports and leaks surfaced on the internet, bringing more and more information about this “mysterious” product. Recently, some new details came to our attention, so expect only great things from the successor of the Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft is expected to unveil its Surface Pro 4 tablet on October 6 and according to the latest rumors, it will feature an almost bezel-less display and Microsoft worked on a new technology which allows changing the screen size, depending on how the tablet is used. This means that if you’ll use it in landscape model the diagonal will measure 13-inch, while in tablet mode, its diagonal will be smaller at 12-inch. This new smart frame feature will allow the users to hold their tablets comfortably, without touching the outer edges of the display. It is said that the screen bezel of the Surface Pro 4 will resemble Dell XPS 13’s screen and will support a higher resolution (4K or 5K).

The Surface Pro 4 will be thinner and lighter than its predecessor and most likely, the old ports will be present on the new tablet, but the stylus will be improved, as Microsoft worked on its accuracy and touch sensitivity.

There are many new machines which have cameras which support Microsoft’s Windows Hello feature (face recognition), but there are low chances for the Surface Pro 4 to have advanced cameras, but most likely, the tablet will have a fingerprint scanner on the Surface Type Cover.

The tablet will be powered by the fourth generation Skylake processors and will support up to 16GB of RAM and the maximum supported storage capacity will be 1TB.

The Type Cover will have a larger trackpad and better key spacing and the pen loop will be redesigned so that the stylus can be easily attached to the tablet.

Lastly, all rumors said that Microsoft is planning to launch a larger model with a screen that will measure 14-inch.