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Back in December 2014, Telltale Games hinted that they are working on a narrative version of the Minecraft game. Two days ago, Telltale Games finally uploaded the trailer of the upcoming Minecraft Story Mode (episode 1).

Before we tell you more about this upcoming game, take a look at the trailer:

The first episode of the Minecraft Story Mode is named “The Order of the Stone”, where the players will control a character called Jesse (it can be a man or a woman and this is the reason why Mojang has chosen this neutral name). Jesses will take a group of friends to a fan convention in order to celebrate a group of warriors that are called “The Order of the Stone”.

Because of some problems that occur, Jesse and his/her friends will need to track down the Order that is formed from: Griefer, Architect, Redstone Engineer and Warrior, so that they can restore the pace and justice to the Minecraft world.

The trailer that you’ve seen above contains the voices of: Catherine Taber and Patton Oswalt (depending on the gender you will choose).

Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 1

As we’ve told you above, “The Order of the Stone” is the first episode that will be released on October 13, 2015 (digitally), while the retail stores will receive it on October 27, 2015.

It is good to know that there will be four more Minecraft: Story Mode episodes. However, don’t expect to receive them all at once, as the developers will release only one episode every few weeks. So, if you are a Minecraft fan, we suggest you to prepare yourself for this awesome game that’s about to be released in a few days.

What are your thoughts about the Minecraft: Story Mode? Will you play this game or you will prefer to stick to the old version of Minecraft?