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The developers of Minecraft have released a new snapshot build named 15w40b. There are a few changes and we’re going to talk about them in this article.

Mojang has detailed the changes that this new update has in the change log. The new update brings many changes to the mob pathfinding. It seems that from now on, the players should expect changes in the way their health regenerates. In addition, the developers have brought some improved performance and faster update redstone contraptions. Also, the FPS loss that came with the 1.8 patch has been fixed.

Mojang came with an easy guide for the testers that want to get the snapshot. Keep in mind that this new snapshot can corrupt the Minecraft world, so you should make sure that you back up your worlds before you install the new update.

It’s been a while since Mojang has released an update that comes with major changes in Minecraft. All the snapshots that have been launched until now are part of the upcoming Minecraft 1.9 Combat update. Until now, Mojang hasn’t said when the Minecraft 1.9 Combat Update will be released, but hopefully, this will happen soon.

One of the new gameplay additions that Minecraft received is the Hardcore Mode. This feature will allow the players that died to still be spectators in that specific world. However, it is good to know that once your character dies in the Hardcore mode, it will turn into a “ghost” and can still explore the world. Mojang introduced this new feature in the snapshot 15w37a and it has received a positive feedback.

It is good to know that 4J Studios is also updating the console version of Minecraft. It seems that the Doctor Who skin bundle for the Minecraft: PS4 edition has finally been fixed. This skin pack was released almost two weeks ago and the developer finally managed to fix it. 4J Studios also announced the patch 1.20, an update that fixes the FPS and network issues.

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