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Hacking is just but one of the most common practices that fall within the field of cybercrime.

The people behind this trend are too determined and keep coming up with new ways of hacking emails, social media accounts, computers and Smartphone devices with different aims. The main motivation behind the attacks that hackers carry out includes:

  • Cyber crime
  • Hacktivism
  • Cyber espionage
  • Cyber warfare

It is for this reason that one has to identify the best and most effective antivirus software and deploy it against the activities of hackers. Norton Antivirus is one such software that offers protection against spyware and malware as well as viruses. However, the question that most users would love to know is with regard to the effectiveness of Norton in providing adequate and complete protection against hacking and hackers.

Can Norton Antivirus offer complete and reliable protection against hacking? The answer is that it can do this, but only up to a certain point. What you get with Norton Antivirus is total protection against the tools that most hackers use in infiltrating your system. However, if you need a program that will provide protection so that hackers cannot get into your computer and cause massive damage, investing in an excellent firewall would be the best decision.

On Windows 7, you get a pre-installed firewall, thus there is no need for installing one after purchasing a Windows-based device or machine. If the data on your computer or device includes credit card numbers, bank account numbers, account passwords and social security numbers, finding proper protection against for the machine should never be an option. It is mandatory that you install the appropriate software to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of falling victim to hacking.

What do you get from Norton Antivirus software? The software is effective in preventing and removing the following:

  1. Viruses
  2. Malware
  3. Trojan
  4. Worm infections

The aforementioned do not qualify for listing as hack attacks. However, they are the tools that hackers commonly use to do damage. Therefore, this means that Norton Antivirus endeavors to make the work of hackers much harder by limiting their ability to use viruses, malware, Trojan and worm infections to access your computer or other important accounts. If any hacker intends to use the aforementioned tools to hack your system, he would be in for a rude shock.

When you recall that hacking costs US companies more than $100 billion each year, then you should not waste time or hesitate even for a day, but embark on installing Norton Antivirus and the appropriate third-party firewall software immediately. Trojan programs, which are a favorite of hackers, endeavor to bypass the firewall on your machine from the inside, but Norton Antivirus provides you with protection by making this task impossible.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Norton Antivirus plays an important role in ensuring that your computer can withstand hacking. While the software does not prevent the actual hacking, it works effectively by limiting hackers from using some of the tools that make their work much easier. In this regard, you should install Norton Antivirus today. Other antivirus programs can also be just as effective, but only if you obtain them from trustworthy sources.