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WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for a fee of around $19 billion last year in February.

As of now, the app has over 900 million people who use it to exchange free messages as well as make free voice calls to each other.

As opposed to traditional SMS, using WhatsApp only requires an internet connection, mobile data or Wi-Fi. This is one major thing that has turned this app into a very popular messaging platform. In addition, WhatsApp is very simple and easy to use, coming in with lots of features that make online communication the best experience you could ever have. However, not all of these features are known to everyone.

Of the many WhatsApp features available for the iOS and Android users, here is a list of 7 features that you probably had no idea they existed.

Know the total messages you exchanged with your friends

It is now possible to tell the total number of messages you and your friends have exchanged via WhatsApp. This can be found in the app’s “Settings>Account>Network usage” section and while in there, you can tap on the section you want. You will see a number against each contact you message detailing the total messages you sent and received as well.

Mute group conversations

When in a group with many active users, chat notifications can become a real nuisance. At times muting group chats may seem drastic; however, desperate times call for desperate measures. Just open the group chat and tap on the menu. Select “Mute” from the menu and then choose the period you want the chats to remain muted.

Hide last seen time

WhatsApp allows your friends to know when the last time you checked into the app was. However, this setting can easily be changed such that your WhatsApp visits remain private. To do this, go to “Settings>Privacy>Last Seen” and then select who will be allowed to view your last seen time. However, if enabled, you will also not see the last seen time of your friends.

Change WhatsApp number

WhatsApp uses a phone number to setup an account. However, this does not limit you to only using this number as your WhatsApp ID. There is room for changing, especially if you change your phone as well.

If you get a new number and phone that you would wish to set as your new WhatsApp contact, it’s easy. Just head to the app’s “Settings>Account>Change number” and then follow the simple steps that show up, where you will enter your old number and the new number as well.

Customize group notifications

Rather than mute group chats, there is another way of dealing with stubborn notifications. Simply use customized settings where each notification represents something different. In this way, you won’t have to constantly check for unimportant notifications.

To access custom group notifications, open the group chat and tap on the menu then group info. Follow this by tapping on the “Custom notifications” option to reveal more settings. Choose whatever suits you.

Stop auto-saving of photos in iPhone camera roll

Sharing of photos is one of the most prevalent activities on WhatsApp. However, having lots of photos stored in your camera roll means more storage space being consumed. This can be avoided by heading to the “Settings>Privacy>Photos” option and then uncheck the WhatsApp option from the list. This will stop the app from adding new photos to the phone’s camera roll; however, it will not stop photos from downloading.

Use WhatsApp on the Web

WhatsApp can be accessed through on PC. The desktop client, WhatsApp Web, brings the mobile phone experience to the desktop environment and all major web browsers are supported. To use it, launch the app on your phone and on the menu, select WhatsApp Web. A QR code scanner will open up and using this scanner, scan the QR code on the web page at to get logged in. You can now start chatting with WhatsApp friends as usual, be it via individual chats or group chats. There is however still no support for WhatsApp voice calling on the web client.