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Adobe Flash Player is the newest member of the ever-growing Adobe community.

This is a very tiny application that usually does its thing behind the scenes, without interfering with the normal functioning of a phone, tablet or PC.

It is the application that enables you to swiftly navigate through web pages, viewing ads, playing audio files as well as watching videos. The new Adobe Flash Player is the app you just need, to ensure that all of the things you do on the internet get even much better, thanks to the lightweight nature of the application coupled with high performance and expressiveness.

Adobe patches 23 flaws, 18 of them are very critical

If your system is installed with an older version of Adobe Flash Player, you need to be swift and must update to the latest version. This application was released by Adobe a few days ago and with it, you will come across patches for up to 23 flaws that had been discovered in the previous version.

Of the 23 flaws fixed, there are claims that 18 of them were critical and they could even open the doors to hackers, who could in turn gain access to your system and install any malicious codes they wish to. With malware on your PC, these hackers can easily steal your personal data or even lock you out of your own PC. There are also other flaws which can result in bypassing of same-source policy mechanism in web browsers as well as memory leaks.

The only way to avoid the threat of these flaws is by updating to the latest version of Flash Player via the official website of the app. With this new application, you will enjoy fixes that improve the protection against vector length venalities as well as arbitrary content that might be coming from exposed JSONP callback APIs that are used by JS programs within web browsers.

Automatic Adobe Flash Player 19 updates available

The new Adobe Flash Player is only available for select users, that is, those using Mac and Windows OS. However, if your system is running on Linux OS, you will have to download the latest Adobe Flash Player Those using the extended support version should update to version

There is nothing to worry about if you already have the application bundled with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge web browsers. This is so because the plugin will automatically update itself whenever there is an update available.

There is also a new version of the Adobe AIR runtime, which is v19.0.0.190.